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Airfield Information

The table below displays the radio frequencies in operation at Bristol Airport and what you can expect to hear on each frequency
Tower 133.850 What you will hear:

Airfield movements, Runway surface inspections, Flight clearances, Aircraft pushback's, Final approach instructions, Departing aircraft instructions, Visual approach's
Approach 136.075 What you will hear:

Aircraft starting approach into Bristol from the national airways system, aircraft departing from Bristol joining the national airways system.
Radar 125.650 What you will hear:

Bristol radar provides an FIS service (Flight Information Service) to light aircraft below a certain altitude using VFR (Visual Flight Rules). Aircraft on-route from one aerodrome to another who pass through Bristol's airspace will be guided by Radar and then passed on to the next aerodrome.
Service Air 130.600 What you will hear:

Airlines will radio their fuel requirements and passenger requirements ahead to ground operations, this helps to speed up aircraft turnaround
ATIS 126.025 What you will hear:

The ATIS or Automatic Terminal Information Service provides the pilot with the current information concerning the airfield such as runway in use, wind direction etc. To hear Bristol's ATIS go to our ATIS Service page
To view all the technical information about Bristol Airport, go to our Airfield Guide.